IMPORTANT: We're still working on improvements to the Allears mobile experience, so for the best recording experience, we suggest using Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer. Our mobile experience will be improved in the coming months.

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With the new Allears Recording Studio, you can record, edit and save all in one place!

Think you need a fancy mic to record? Think again. Your phone’s headphones work as a great basic mic for story recording. Their noise-cancelling microphone make for a crisp recording for those looking to keep it simple. Just connect them to your computer and you're good to go!

We especially like recording with Apple AirPods or the traditional corded Apple earbuds – both work great! However, if you’d like to level up and get your hands on a more traditional microphone, we suggest this simple USB mic from Amazon

If you're looking for great, beginner-friendly audio editing software, as an alternative to the Allears Recording Studio, we like Audacity and Garage Band, but there are a ton of other great options out there.

Pro Tip: When recording, always record in a quiet space. We suggest setting up in rooms with softer elements, like carpet, beds, curtains, etc. If you really want to remove background noise completely, try covering any hard surfaces like floors and walls with blankets and pillows. The fewer hard surfaces in the room, the less echo you'll hear in your recording.

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